Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate

fungal fermentation • totally organic (OMRI/CDFA) • plant growth enhancer 


Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate

is the totally organic, metabolic byproduct of the fermentation of an edible fungus combined with tropical fruit, juices, and molasses. After incubation, the culture is heated (to kill the fungus), filtered (to remove debris), and then evaporated to a concentrate. As a natural plant growth enhancer, Fire Concentrate accelerates the delivery and uptake of nutrients and water in plants. It signals plants to grow faster and larger by increasing nutrient absorption, vitamin content, water retention and fertilizer uptake, which in turn improve germination, root and foliage growth, flower bloom, and overall plant vitality to increase yields and shorten crop cycles. It has low to no odor, leaves no residue and doesn't attract pests.

Total Nitrogen (N): 0.35%

  • 0.06% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  • 0.34% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5): 0.05%
Soluble Potash (K2O): 1.0%

A Mysterious Mushroom


The magic of Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate was discovered by chance in 1998 by plant pathologists at the University of Hawaii, who revealed that the symbiosis between a common fungus and a tree could be used to unlock a plant's full potential. Initially, Wes and Bryan noticed that something was killing nematodes in their mushroom cultivation bags... When they followed up, they found that the raw mushroom culture had nematocidal properties. Additional experiments revealed that boiling the mushroom culture produced a concentrate with plant growth enhancing properties.

Directions for Use and Application Rates

How should I use Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate?

Fire Concentrate is highly concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way.  Applications can be made foliar, in the soil, or in hydroponic systems. Do not apply more often than 1 time per week at 4 drops per gallon of water. Do not store mixed product; only mix enough for immediate application. Do not apply within 7 days of the last application of Emerald Cup or Grower’s Secret, Inc. liquid nutrient products.

Because Fire Concentrate works by increasing nutrient uptake, but is not itself a fertilizer, your plants must have access to sufficient nutrients in the soil or growing medium. For best results, apply Fire Concentrate along with a balanced, liquid fertilizer or to plants that have been fertilized with a soil application that has been activated into the root zone with irrigation for at least one week (if you're looking for great fertilizer, try our Emerald Cup Nitrogen, Emerald Cup Kelp, and Emerald Cup All Purpose depending on your plants' lifecycle stage and needs).

What is the Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate application rate?

Germination: Fire Concentrate can be applied to seeds to accelerate and improve germination. Simply spray seeds at rates of 1 drop per gallon of applied water. Continue to spray when the paper towel starts to dry and continue to spray after germination. Don't spray more than once per day; once the seeds germinate, refer to seedling instructions below.

Cloning: Fire Concentrate can be added to cloning machines and trays at rates of 1 to 4 drops per gallon of water, depending on genetics and age of clones. Start at 1 drop per gallon and increase gradually. Be sure that sufficient nutrients are available.

Seedlings and Mature Plants: Fire Concentrate can be used on seedlings and young plants at rates of 2 drops per gallon of applied water, once per week, and on established and actively growing plants at rates of 2 to 4 drops per gallon of applied water, once per week.

Foliar Feeding: We recommend that Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate be applied as a foliar feed to plants in any kind of growth medium. Mix 1 to 4 drops of Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate per gallon of applied water. Spray mixed product onto stems, branches, and top and underside of leaves until liquid begins to drip, either early or late in the day (avoid spraying in intense heat or direct sun). Do not overspray.

Drench Feeding: In a soil or soilless system or where foliar feeding is not possible, apply Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate as a root drench. Mix 1 to 4 drops of Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate per gallon of applied water. Soak at least 2” of soil by pouring a steady stream of mixed product around the base of the plant. 

Hydroponic Systems: Mix 1 to 4 drops of Emerald Cup Fire Concentrate per gallon of reservoir water.