Naturally Enhancing Plant Growth:
Fire Concentrate


Some observations:

This year our plants produced more flowers than I have ever seen!
  • Induced nematode tolerance in coffee (UH Study), banana trees (PCD International, Costa Rica), anthurium plants (UH Study), and basil plants (HARC)
  • Increased seedling establishment and yield when used as a seed treatment on chickpea (University of Idaho study)
  • Shortened crop cycle in vegetables (Kula Farmers, Taro growers)
  • Increased size and yield of vegetables (PSU, Kula Farmers)
  • Increased shelf life of cucumbers (Crop Care Hawaii)
  • Increased yield by 30% and extended crop life of strawberry (Kula/Maui Farmer)
  • Increased root formation in taro (Maui Botanical Gardens)
  • Increased yield of tomato (HARC)
  • Increased flower production of tomato (ABR, HARC)
  • Increased vegetative growth, and uniformity, size and maturation of coffee berries (Kona and Maui Coffee Farmers)
  • Increased shoot and root formation in plant tissue culture (UH Study)
  • Increased yield of Phylloxera infested grapevines (Seavey Vineyards, California)
  • Increased growth of nematode infested grapevines (WSU)
  • Accelerated growth of pineapple (Maui Pineapple Company, Dole Pineapple Company)
  • Increased root formation in hard to root cuttings like bougainvillea (Haiku Nursery)
  • Increased root growth of pea and chickpea seedlings (Wilbur-Ellis) 

Source: Grower's Secret