ArcView SF News Roundup and Updates / by Jeb Berman

Earlier this week, Nutrient Guru sponsored the ArcView Group's San Francisco Investor Forum at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. We took this opportunity to let the crowd know how organic cultivation is and will be a critical piece of sustainable practices for the emerging cannabis industry... and how Nutrient Guru is proud to promote organic production with our 100% OMRI-listed nutrients and deep connection to The Emerald Cup.

We were joined on Tuesday by Emerald Cup founder and Nutrient Guru partner Tim Blake, along with Grower's Secret plant pathologist Dr. Chuck Schiller, who had a great discussion about The Future of Organic Cultivation. Bottom line: organically grown cannabis is already in demand, and it's only going to get more popular over time.

The Bay Area’s latest movement: organic marijuana (Quartz | @alicetruong)