Emerald Cup Nitrogen 13-0-0

plant-based • 100% water soluble • totally organic (OMRI/CDFA) • soy protein hydrolysate


Emerald Cup Nitrogen 

is an organic, non-genetically modified soybean meal hydrolysate, micronized to increase immediate availability to the plant. It contains amino acids needed for plant growth that move quickly through roots and green tissue, feeding the plant, feeding soil microbes, and helping chelate micronutrients. Emerald Cup Nitrogen does not contain significant amounts of nitrates, urea, ammoniacal nitrogen, or salt. It has low to no odor, doesn't attract pests, and has a low environmental footprint compared to most other sources.

Total Nitrogen (N): 13.0%

  • 12.7% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • 0.30%Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Totally water soluble!

Emerald Cup Nitrogen is totally water soluble and disappears within minutes in most mixing situations - gentle agitation is all it takes! Even without any mixing, Emerald Cup Nitrogen still dissolves completely.


Why Foliar Feed with Amino Acids?

Nitrogen is critical for plant growth, development, and reproduction – plants literally can’t live without it. For example, many of the small structures inside plant cells, like DNA and the amino acids that make up enzymes and other proteins, are made of molecules containing nitrogen. Altogether, about three to four percent of a plant’s aboveground biomass is nitrogen – it is a fundamental building block of both structure and function in plants

Directions for Use and Application Rates

How should I use Emerald Cup Nitrogen?

Directions for Use: Emerald Cup Nitrogen should be used as part of a comprehensive nutrient management program determined from plant tissue or soil analysis for your specific crop. Apply pre-plant, once per week when plants are actively growing, or more often as needed based on plant genetics, lifecycle stage, and immediate needs. Shelf life is over two years if kept away from moisture.

Mixing Directions: Mix well in the desired amount of water. DO NOT STORE MIXED PRODUCT; only mix enough for immediate application. Emerald Cup Nitrogen should be compatible with most other fertilizers and plant nutrients with the exception of products containing high levels of calcium. Application of Emerald Cup Nitrogen with pesticides may reduce expected results. When mixing with other products, perform a jar test for compatibility and spray test on a small area before wider usage.

What is the Emerald Cup Nitrogen application rate?

Foliar Feeding: We recommend that Emerald Cup Nitrogen be applied as a foliar feed to plants in any kind of growth medium. Mix 1 teaspoon to 2.5 tablespoons of Emerald Cup Nitrogen per gallon of applied water. Spray mixed product onto stems, branches, and top and underside of leaves until liquid begins to drip, either early or late in the day (avoid spraying in intense heat or direct sun). Do not overspray.

Drench Feeding: In a soil or soilless system or where foliar feeding is not possible, apply Emerald Cup Nitrogen as a root drench. Mix 1 teaspoon to 2.5 tablespoons of Emerald Cup Nitrogen per gallon of applied water. Soak at least 2” of soil by pouring a steady stream of mixed product around the base of the plant. 

Hydroponic Systems: Mix 1 teaspoon to 2.5 tablespoons of Emerald Cup Nitrogen per gallon of reservoir water.